PET SPECT and Therapeutic RadioIsotopes
PET SPECT and Therapeutic RadioIsotopes

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You can benefit from our years of experience in the design of PET radiochemsitry laboratories, both for commercial/clinical production and R&D.  We have over 20 years of experience in the support of PET radiochemistry and cyclotron facilities in the USA and Canada.   We have been involved in over 250 projects, both new construction and expansion of existing laboratories.


Our approach is unique, in that we ask you what YOU require first, and then try to find the correct solution with equipment, consultants, methods, etc.   Radiochemistry Solutions can help you find the right solutions to meet all your technical requirements.  Whether you have specific requirements for equipment or just want to ask questions, we are here to assist you.


Please ask about our long list of clients and customers and get their feedback on how Radiochemistry Solutions has been a major source of both equipment and knowledge in their projects.

An overview of our benefits:

  • Source for proven and superior products
  • An information resource for our customers
  • Extensive technical knowledge of radiochemistry and methods
  • Experience in 250+ radiochemistry lab/cyclotron projects 

Interested?   Have questions?  Get in touch with us at +1-774-571-5369. We look forward to discussing your project with you soon.

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